Saturday, 17 December 2011


I understand what authors mean now when they say that when they read their own books, they don't experience what their readers will feel. I couldn't help but start getting OCD and turning into a grammar Nazi flipping through the pages of my yearbook.

Seeing everyone's comment on Facebook and Twitter about the yearbook made me so happy knowing that all our hard work is being appreciated by the grade. Especially seeing the "tough" guys of the grade get sad and nostalgic over the yearbook. It made me feel like we've done our job. (Someone even confessed to going to bed with it.)

 photo Memoria1_zps52df3c68.jpg  photo Memoria2_zps8a37aebc.jpg  photo Memoria3_zps30526316.jpg  photo Memoria4_zps8e58fa7c.jpg  photo Memoria5_zps2fd0a87d.jpg  photo Memoria6_zpsaabbe677.jpg  photo Memoria7_zps600e18f8.jpg  photo Memoria8_zpsc0e23f03.jpg  photo Memoria9_zpsa3af8c95.jpg  photo Memoria10_zps09cac5c4.jpg

A year of dramas, late nights, hassling and ruining our eyesights for this yearbook. It was all worth it.

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