Friday, 23 September 2011

We're Done

I am an official graduate of class of 2011. I already feel incomplete without my whole grade and being a part of something in this sort of close environment. The last time we'll ever be together is when we all sit in the hall for our HSC exams but somehow that thought is almost worth dropping out of school for (if it's possible since we've graduated) even after coming this far. Almost.

 photo WereDone1_zpsc52c63cb.jpg  photo WereDone2_zps6d76b4d9.jpg

Formal was pretty much everything I could ask for, except the food was pretty bad. If there was a dog under the table I'd happily scrape it all on the floor.

Everyone looked so different and lovely on the night. Made me feel underdressed because of the unfortunate series of events that happened to me while getting ready for formal, which stresses me out thinking about it, even though it's already happened already and everything turned out okay. To name a couple, I dropped my last pair of contacts down the sink and my formal dress still had that black tag thing on it and a whole bunch of deadly looking tools were used in an attempt to get it off. Why is my life always so dramatic before important events of my life? A confetti of bad luck is always thrown at me.

I must've brought my bad luck along with me when Jordano, Fiona, Quan and I kind of got lost on our way to formal. It was stressful, but at the same time I couldn't help thinking throughout the ride, "OMG THIS IS SO LIKE ONE OF THOSE MOVIES WHERE YOU ROCK UP TO FORMAL IN A (NON) LIMO WITH YOUR FRIENDS OMG I'M ACTUALLY GOING FORMAL AND I'M ACTUALLY EXCITED EVEN THOUGH I HATE FANCY EVENTS AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON WOW GUYS I'M GROWING UP FAST IT FEELS LIKE AN ETERNITY JUST PASSED DID I REALLY JUST GRADUATE A FEW HOURS AGO?"

 photo WereDone3_zps722a0ec8.jpg  photo WereDone4_zps244874b0.jpg

The night consisted of awkwardly being dragged off to dance, and by dancing I mean jumping up and down on the spot, taking photos with as much people as I could and watching half the grade go wild when Find Yourself by John O'Callaghan was blasted. It was one crazy night with so many mixed feelings.

 photo WereDone5_zpsfdf8d399.jpg  photo WereDone6_zpseb6446ac.jpg


Wednesday, 21 September 2011


My last school picnic ever. Ever. It was kind of ridiculous because we spent three hours travelling there and back so only three hours were spent at the beach. It felt way too short. If only the location was closer then we could've spent more time attacking one another with buckets of water and sneakily lining up over and over for more seconds, thirds and forths of the sausage bbq.

 photo Amicitia1_zps6fc86cba.jpg

We may not be an incredibly close grade, but for the past year we did get more fond of each other compared to before when we did not bother socialising with anyone out of our cliques.

 photo Amicitia2_zps32c188c9.jpg

In case you haven't put on your English analytical hat yet, the photos down the right is supposed to say "Goodbye Class of 2011" and "You're screwed, Rebecca. Formal is tomorrow night and you've only bought your dress? Good job for unnecessarily procrastinating once again." I will honestly miss this bunch of people! CLASS OF 2011 ♥

Monday, 19 September 2011


I don't know why I'm doing this to myself but I'm purposely making myself reminisce, nostalgic and emotional by listening to Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C and We're Done by Wiz Khalifa. We're Done is going to be my grade's song for when we graduate and walk out of our school hall for the very last time as a grade. It's sad thinking about it and the next time I'm walking out of there is for my HSC exams. I'm sure that won't be a happy experience for me either.

My canteen groups! There are two distinct groups because of past dramas that I still don't really understand, but regardless, they're all wonderful people in one way or another. At times like these I kind of wish we could go back to the days where we'd sit in a group of 30 and get bumble gum stuck in our hair because of a dare and all.

 photo Fidelis1_zps6db02419.jpg  photo Fidelis2_zps276667f0.jpg  photo Fidelis3_zps3b7aa2c9.jpg

Whenever there is a camera around, for some reason everyone in the group goes high.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I was tasked to take profile photos for my yearbook. I got to skip about 20 minutes of my classes before lunch to set the background up. I probably did the least work because of all the muck up photos I took, but at least it was fun! I didn't even notice the annoyed looks other yearbook committee members were giving me for getting distracted and not doing what was tasked.

WARNING: Before proceeding to scroll down, I must warn you of minor nudity and inappropriate behaviour. Make sure your parents aren't looking over your shower to avoid awkward questions.

 photo Gaudium_zps33f145f8.jpg

Instead of being departed with a "THANKS REBECCA WOW YOU REALLY CAPTURE ME INNER BEAUTY" I get "Can you photoshop out my pimples and eyebags?" and "OH GOD I HAVE A DOUBLE CHIN. RETAKE, RETAKE."

Monday, 12 September 2011


This needs to be documented because it was the first time I did something adult-like: I WORE HEELS TO THE CITY.

Desiree drove Amy, Elaine Lim and I to the city to eat for Elaine Tran's birthday. Half the time I was paranoid in the car but how can I not be with Desiree screaming things out like, "OMG THE ROAD IS SO BUMPY." "WE SHOULD'VE WENT ON THE M5." "SHIT I CAN'T SEE. THE LIGHT IS IN MY EYES." "THE MIRRORS ARE REFLECTING LIGHT." "I'M TOO SCARED TO SWITCH LANES." That went on for most of the ride with the occasional, "Ohhh, the road's so smooth," and I almost expected her to start purring. We arrived there earlier than everyone else so we just sat outside McDonald's since that Japanese restaurant, Wagaya, was right across it.

We ordered food from this touch screen because waiters are so last century. I don't know what I ate half the time (maybe it's better that way), but everything was so nice!

 photo Infinitus1_zps2aa48581.jpg

We went karaoke afterwards and let's just say that I've seen enough hip thrusting for a while. How are my ears still working after being exposed to a hundred and fifty decibels?

 photo Infinitus2_zps0fd46219.jpg

Sunday, 11 September 2011


I finished reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and I honestly don't know how I feel about the book. Usually when I read, I must finish it all in one go so I stayed up till 4am. I don't like to eat or sleep because it'll ruin the whole experience for me. It was a bad idea though because I ended up lying in bed for an hour trying to understand the ending and I wanted someone to discuss it with, but I don't think anyone would like the idea of me waking them up at such a ridiculous hour just to discuss a book!

 photo Comis_zpsc6e72722.jpg

Straight after I woke up, I texted Annie because she was the one who told me about the book and made me confused about the definition of a wallflower. She once called me "the sweetest wallflower" and I wondered why she called me "the sweetest cabbage" and now I keep laughing at myself for it.

Now I'm just horrified and shocked because it's such a turn of events in the last few pages. I know it's strange, but I keep sitting here wondering where and how Charlie is now.

Thursday, 8 September 2011


I brought Cedric to school the other day to take photos for the Year 12 yearbook so on my walk home, I decided to be a creep and take photos of flowers in other people’s front yards. Imagine how awkward it’d be if the owner of the house caught me.

 photo Splendor1_zps09c9d856.jpg

I literally spent over 15 minutes chasing bees trying to get a nice photo. I still haven’t learnt my lesson after getting stung twice in my life by these creatures when I was little. I also got stung by a wasp too. And here I am still alive to tell the tale of my non dramatic adventures of a muggle.

There's a strike for all public schools so I get the whole day off tomorrow. Right now the angel and devil on my shoulders are having a very heated argument. I should really study but I haven't gotten anything for formal. I am so over thinking about it that I'm not bothered for both. I should really discipline myself and get my act together.

 photo Splendor2_zps2bf919f7.jpg

Just 10 school days left till I graduate. Just 10 school days left till my Year 12 formal. I’m starting to feel really scared. It’s like I’ve been a caged up, pampered and spoon fed zoo animal and I’m suddenly being released into the wild expected to fend for myself. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to manage. I think reality finally sunk in that my life will be drastically different within a few months.

Monday, 5 September 2011


Hello, this is Rebecca's first issue of The Daily Prophette filled with the nonsense of my life. This is the third blog I've made because I'm a sad little muggle trying to look like I have a life while I wait for my acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Or I might already be there but you don't know because I am bound to the secrecy of the school. I've decided to make this blog to document the remaining days of my high school life and my transition to the real world. Also I want the friends I won't keep in contact with as often to let them know that I'm still alive, so they can stalk me through here.

 photo Primitus_zps09c7e015.jpg

And what gets any better than being the author, narrator and editor of The Daily Prophette?