Thursday, 8 September 2011


I brought Cedric to school the other day to take photos for the Year 12 yearbook so on my walk home, I decided to be a creep and take photos of flowers in other people’s front yards. Imagine how awkward it’d be if the owner of the house caught me.

 photo Splendor1_zps09c9d856.jpg

I literally spent over 15 minutes chasing bees trying to get a nice photo. I still haven’t learnt my lesson after getting stung twice in my life by these creatures when I was little. I also got stung by a wasp too. And here I am still alive to tell the tale of my non dramatic adventures of a muggle.

There's a strike for all public schools so I get the whole day off tomorrow. Right now the angel and devil on my shoulders are having a very heated argument. I should really study but I haven't gotten anything for formal. I am so over thinking about it that I'm not bothered for both. I should really discipline myself and get my act together.

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Just 10 school days left till I graduate. Just 10 school days left till my Year 12 formal. I’m starting to feel really scared. It’s like I’ve been a caged up, pampered and spoon fed zoo animal and I’m suddenly being released into the wild expected to fend for myself. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to manage. I think reality finally sunk in that my life will be drastically different within a few months.

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