Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Of Monsters And Men

Do you want to know what real talent is? Real talent is when you can navigate from your light switch at one end of your room to your bed with the lights off and you manage to dodge every book on the floor, odd sock, chair and dangly butterfly decoration hanging from the ceiling. Real talent is also sounding perfect when you're singing live in front of thousands and still sound exactly the same as you do in your recorded songs, but somehow even better. Suck on that, autotunists. (The only time auto tune is okay is when you chipmunk-esque your voice.)

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I went to see Of Monsters and Men perform live. They were so amazing and perfect. The supporting band, Mammals, was also pretty good. The sad thing is that I can only find two of their songs online. They're not that well known so I can't find anything on them. I don't know any of their song names either so it feels like such a lost.

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I love Of Monsters and Men's Icelandic accents. They're such a unique band and seemed to be quiet natured people.

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I really hope they write more songs because it felt so short since they only have one album. At least they played an unheard song that didn't make it into My Head Is An Animal! I'd say my first concert was pretty good.

Monday, 29 July 2013


University. It is that period of time again. It starts off the same as every other day. You bump into your high school friends at your local train station and sit there realising how everyone has grown up as you share your life stories. Then you bid your goodbyes as you get off at your stop and join the solemn march of tired students up the stairs of the station. As you walk out, you're greeted by a homeless person with a cup of silver coins clasped between two hands, who has now become a part of the city tapestry, camouflaged into the walls because you're so used to his presence. A pang of pity hits you and leaves as fast as the lingering smell of cigarettes at the café you've just passed.

You face your first challenge of the day - The three sets of stairs that leads you to the main campus. By the time you reach the top, you take quick glances to your left and right hoping the people around you notice you're out of breath and panting. For the next and most difficult challenge for the socially awkward, you strategically choose your seating arrangements in your first lecture to sit right in the middle so you don't seem too eager at the front or too badass at the back, leaving one seat on either side of you to leave room for friendship.

Yeah, it's all been thought out carefully for me because I do not know how to initiate conversations. SOMEONE JUST BE MY FRIEND AND MAKE THIS NEW SEMESTER LESS MISERABLE. And did I really just word vomit all of that?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


After living in this city for my whole life, I've never been to the Royal Botanic Gardens nor knew of its whereabouts. Fiona and I came across it when we decided to randomly get off at Wynyard station to explore. I was kind of expecting flowers and colours exploding in my face. It was mainly all greenery and every plant looked the same.

 photo Ficus1_zps2b14ed50.jpg  photo Ficus2_zps743b4d7d.jpg  photo Ficus3_zps14aff835.jpg  photo Ficus4_zps4ddd655d.jpg

You'd think that I'd know how many campuses there are for my uni, but I don't. I had to go home and google "castle royal botanic gardens sydney" and found nothing because the supposed castle is a part of the University of Sydney for music students. I still prefer to think of it as my castle, but instead of horses, we have unicorns.

 photo Ficus5_zps9388784a.jpg  photo Ficus6_zps3e69c0a0.jpg  photo Ficus7_zpsa1e5db65.jpg

This guy was drawing this massive artwork of Spongebob and Patrick at Circular Quay. It's supposed to look 3D once it's finished. I can imagine business people rushing towards the station at peak hour, hoping to get a seat, and having to stop for a few seconds to turn back and curiously look over at this artwork, and maybe even give up a little more time to peer through the lens. I like little surprises like this.

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