Friday, 28 October 2011



This is how I celebrate the end of everything to do with Economics. I listen to Fireflies sung by cats and dogs because they're party animals. Oh yeah, and I've been feeling really festive because I have a soft spot for any song with bells in them. I blame Justin Bieber's Mistletoe song that was realised two months too early. And I question anyone's sanity for wanting to spend their Christmas underneath a mistletoe. Why would you want to expose yourself to Nargles like that?

This HSC thing is made such a big deal out of but once you're there, it's just like any other exam if you try to forget the fact that these exams are worth 50% towards your marks. I spent the last couple of weeks like a poor beggar asking others to send me luck to counteract every bad thing that could possibly happen to me just in case. I spent many nights sleepless because Nargles stole my sleep. Then goblins came into my room and turned off all six of my alarms so I did not wake up at 4am as planned to do last minute revision. I swear I did not hear even one of those alarms ring so I woke up two hours later. And I realised that I have this habit of blaming mythical creatures that may possibly not exist to feel better about myself for every unfortunate thing that happens to me.

 photo Dimidium_zpsab0b6b7b.jpg

I'm starting to find it more difficult to decide what I should do everyday now:
a) Study like crazy.
b) Continue rolling in my own misery.
c) Start my busking career with Anne.
d) Turn my sister into a raccoon.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


My handwriting is a monster now because I haven't picked up a pen in so long and my brain has turned into mush. It could even be used as a cheap substitute for mashed potato and gravy now. And all I've lived off are sour cokes and chocolate freckles.

I’m spending my "break" living in the sunniest corner of my room and in libraries like every other good Year 12 student does during this time of year. It gets sort of intimidating how everyone looks so dead exhausted and has their nose in textbooks as if inhaling the thing can get them any smarter, which is why I prefer to hang out in the kids’ section where all the cool kids are. Being where all the high school students are just makes me panic that maybe I’m not doing enough because they all look so smart and studious. The little kids make me feel smart and productive while they say to each other things like “You’re Cambodian, why are you wearing an Australian t-shirt?” as what Fiona overheard.

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By the way, I went to Pancakes on The Rocks for dinner with my family then we went to Tumbalong Park to see the new water playground. Let's just say that they should have a "CAUTION: RUBBER GROUND IS SLIPPERY WHEN SANDY" sign.

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Saturday, 1 October 2011


I have to admit that Matthew's wedding was better than most weddings I've been to. Usually weddings are the dullest things ever for guests and the only thing we look forward to is the ten course dinner if the reception is at an Asian restaurant.

I left my house looking like Oscar the Grouch and came home looking like Goldilocks. The wonders of technology and my ability to refrain myself from screaming at my hairdresser for making me look like an Asian version of a blonde little girly girl out of a children's book.

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I SWEAR THE PHOTOGRAPHER WAS PAID TO EMBARRASS US. He made us do all these corny ridiculous things to make us look really happy in the photos when we went to Hyde Park. If I ever pursue photography as a career, someone better remind me to come up with better ideas like blast I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH and make everyone start head banging and dancing. People can have fun and have happy looking photos. Problem is that everyone won't look elegant anymore and look more like jungle people. Uh... Don't worry, I still have more years to come up with more effective methods.

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The reception at night was tiring. I had to take the guests to their allocated tables and after doing that for an hour, my feet started getting tired from walking around in heels. I guess it's better than sitting at my table doing nothing for an hour.

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Weddings are always strange to me. It's like seeing my older cousins being dumped with the responsibilities of mortgages, bills and children when I've known them for living with their parents my whole life and suddenly they're bound to someone else. So yeah, CONGRATULATIONS MATTHEW AND DAWN! I WISH YOU HAPPINESS, GOOD HEALTH AND PROSPERITY TOGETHER! That sounds more like something you would say for Chinese New Year but... whatever.