Friday, 28 October 2011



This is how I celebrate the end of everything to do with Economics. I listen to Fireflies sung by cats and dogs because they're party animals. Oh yeah, and I've been feeling really festive because I have a soft spot for any song with bells in them. I blame Justin Bieber's Mistletoe song that was realised two months too early. And I question anyone's sanity for wanting to spend their Christmas underneath a mistletoe. Why would you want to expose yourself to Nargles like that?

This HSC thing is made such a big deal out of but once you're there, it's just like any other exam if you try to forget the fact that these exams are worth 50% towards your marks. I spent the last couple of weeks like a poor beggar asking others to send me luck to counteract every bad thing that could possibly happen to me just in case. I spent many nights sleepless because Nargles stole my sleep. Then goblins came into my room and turned off all six of my alarms so I did not wake up at 4am as planned to do last minute revision. I swear I did not hear even one of those alarms ring so I woke up two hours later. And I realised that I have this habit of blaming mythical creatures that may possibly not exist to feel better about myself for every unfortunate thing that happens to me.

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I'm starting to find it more difficult to decide what I should do everyday now:
a) Study like crazy.
b) Continue rolling in my own misery.
c) Start my busking career with Anne.
d) Turn my sister into a raccoon.

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