Friday, 11 November 2011


After four stressing weeks stressing over not stressing enough, all the HSC exams are officially over. Thirteen years of schooling all over. Four months ahead without school. A whole lifetime ahead for me to figure out my life and what I want to do with it. I honestly don't know how to feel about this.

For Sarah and Jordano's 18th, we went to the city to eat at this Italian restaurant called Macchiato. We went in a group of 50 or something and we pretty much took up half the restaurant. And for once, everyone in the group turned up! The food portions were so bloody huge. Do Italians usually eat this much? Just the entrée was already filling enough and the main course could honestly feed my whole family of six.

 photo Macchiato1_zps96f2f79d.jpg

While forcing ourselves to finish everything, Stephanie was pretending to pick up guys who walked pass the restaurant through the window. WOO WINDOW SHOPPING ANYONE?

APART FROM MY PUN, I think the quote of the day would be this:
Stephanie: Compliment me.
Vivienne: Your brain age is smarter than your age.
Stephanie: What? That's not a compliment!
Vivienne: You're smarter than you look.

If I ever need to hear nice things about myself and in need of ego boosting, I know who to turn to.

Afterwards we all split up into groups and went our separate ways. Amy, Anne, Desiree, Elaine, Fiona, Jellee and I went to the Chinatown's night markets then we went Darling Harbour for romantic lesbian walks. The closest I got to romantic was holding one side of the plastic bag filled with our uneaten dinner in take away containers with Fiona holding the other side. We're indirectly holding hands.

 photo Macchiato2_zpsc3ab5d04.jpg

How eventful and memorable was it that we spent 11/11/11 11:11 at the station waiting for our train?

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