Wednesday, 30 November 2011


While half my grade was out doing adults things like having dRiinkuPs and what not last night, I was at home watching G rated films like Rio. (Rio is so bloody adorable by the way). I'm not exactly complaining since I've made the decision to not attend alcohol dominated events till people are more responsible with drinking, but I can't help but feel (for a lack of a better word) left out. I don't understand the fun in being "smashed" and drinking to the point where you have no self control and end up doing/saying things you'll regret. I actually pity these people. While everyone hits 18 and jumps on the bangwagon to the partying life, I'm sitting here refusing to grow up anytime soon.

Speaking of 18, my sister made a swamp of a cake that not even an ogre would consider eating it for my birthday. So I made her write HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY on it to make it look better than it really is and make it seem like she purposely made the cake ugly. It still looks quite horrible but it's the thought that counts.

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The bipolar weather is making it difficult to go out. Glebe on Saturday ended up being rescheduled so Amy, Desiree, Elaine, Jellee, Maria and I all squished into Desiree's car like sardines laughing at the lemons in life although I've lost count of how many times Jellee said the f word. It was bucketing so hard that I was surprised evolution didn't hit me with its full effects giving me fins and gills. Then the next outing with the random group was a failure too because out of the twelve of us, only five turned up. It was perfect weather to go putt putt, but we got lost and ended up "shopping". I ended up dropping by Christine's house and we made fail meringues.

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