Monday, 26 November 2012


I delayed my need to pee because it'd be quite sad to spend the start of my 19th birthday on the toilet. It was just as sad though that I spent it on the internet.

Yeah, that wasn't necessary to write about, was it?

I thought it was very appropriate to watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower on my birthday with Andy as it could be symbolic of me growing up and it is a pretty special book to me. I think Logan Lerman was the perfect Charlie. All I wanted to do was befriend him throughout the movie. It was strange to see Emma Watson outside the role of Hermione, but that doesn't change her acting. I also love how Ezra Miller livened up the character Patrick. He holds a few of the most memorable lines for me. I am not one to swear, but since I am 19 now and have no other words for it, I'd say that the film adaption was fucking perfect.

 photo Undeviginti1_zpsab634c70.jpg

Celebrated Elaine and I's birthday at Nok Nok, which is a Thai restaurant, then at San Churro, where I am known to hold my record of eating seven and a half churros. I CANNOT DO IT ANYMORE. I am far too old for this. Then we sat by the harbour and talked about life. It was a nice night of catching up, stories, excessive hashtagging and diabetes.

 photo Undeviginti2_zps409eaec4.jpg  photo Undeviginti3_zps0c2ff0d5.jpg

In other news, I AM GOING TO AMERICA NEXT JANUARY. You have no idea how excited I am because I've been aching to go back there.

Friday, 23 November 2012


I've finished my exams and a whole year of uni. I have learnt so much this year about myself. Like how I become a compulsive liar around strangers when they ask, "How old are you?" and I'd immediately say I'm 17 before they can launch into their speech of saving the world by trying to get us to sign up for their causes. Most of them need you to be a legal adult so they just tell me to think about it till I'm "18". I've also learnt how to meet new people and seem slightly less like a snob due to my introverted nature. I'm getting better at introducing myself too.

Julie: Oh, have you guys met? This is Bec and this is Patrick. He's really popular.
Me: Is that how you introduce people? "He's really popular." Um, yeah, hi I'm Rebecca and I'm unpopular.
Patrick: Hi I'm Patrick and I'm going to major in physics because chicks dig physics.

I don't think I won that one. I had lunch with the physics group before meeting up with Amy to eat at Pie Tin. We're going to make it a tradition now to celebrate through food/photo adventures after whoever is the last to finish their exams.

 photo Finito1_zps014fa645.jpg

We thought we could easily eat three slices of sweet cakes rather than get one savoury pie and two sweet cakes. We were wrong. I felt like my teeth were going to start eating itself away from the sugar overdose.

 photo Finito2_zps233f7624.jpg

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Braza Churrascaria

We had dinner at Braza Churrascaria for Sarah's birthday. It's a Brazilian restaurant full of meaty food, which caused us to chew like cows for two hours. Eating actually got tiring after a while. It was kind of like an all you can eat place, but instead of bringing your plate up to grab whatever you want from the food stations, the waiters and waitresses come up to you with food on skewers! I don't know if anything is better than not getting out of your seat and having servings after servings magically appear on your plate until you wish you really were a cow with four stomachs to take it all in.

 photo BrazaChurrascaria1_zps9c1e2fb9.jpg  photo BrazaChurrascaria2_zpsd1ba4fcf.jpg

They also had live performances with Brazilian music, dancers and drummers, which livened up the place. Afterwards we were too full to have dessert so we just played at the playground then watched the fireworks by the harbourside.

 photo BrazaChurrascaria3_zps820f1462.jpg  photo BrazaChurrascaria4_zpsdb4ccca3.jpg

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I am the best student ever to have existed during exam period. I've made the bad decision to start reading Tomorrow, When The War Began when I've had this book for ages but never got around to getting past the first 30 pages. I kept feeling bad because I was supposed to be studying so I'd stop reading after two hours then repeat the cycle for the next few days. This is why I read books in one sitting - I keep thinking that a war is going on and I'd start planning tactics in my head on how I should conceal or defend myself every time I hear a plane flying overhead. I'm so paranoid and I'm losing that fine line between reality and fantasy.

A few days ago, Christmas arrived early on my doorstep in the form of a cylinder package. I have John Green's autograph. CUE HYPERVENTILATION TO THE POWER OF A THOUSAND ONE DIRECTION FANGIRLS. Except I'm fangirling over a married 35 year old man. I think I might actually love him. And his brother, Hank Green.

 photo Cunctator1_zps78bd0026.jpg  photo Cunctator2_zps37dd5f08.jpg

THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER TO HAVE TOUCHED MY WALL BECAUSE JOHN GREEN TOUCHED THIS POSTER. It's a quote from his book, Looking For Alaska, that I am sure every teenager (and older) who has given their time to read will love forever.

So yes, exams. I will study. It's nearly 2am. I haven't studied. I'll be okay. I've calculated and I only need 3% in the finals to pass the exam that I have in 7 hours. I'll be okay. Nearly halfway through my exams. I'll be okay.