Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I am the best student ever to have existed during exam period. I've made the bad decision to start reading Tomorrow, When The War Began when I've had this book for ages but never got around to getting past the first 30 pages. I kept feeling bad because I was supposed to be studying so I'd stop reading after two hours then repeat the cycle for the next few days. This is why I read books in one sitting - I keep thinking that a war is going on and I'd start planning tactics in my head on how I should conceal or defend myself every time I hear a plane flying overhead. I'm so paranoid and I'm losing that fine line between reality and fantasy.

A few days ago, Christmas arrived early on my doorstep in the form of a cylinder package. I have John Green's autograph. CUE HYPERVENTILATION TO THE POWER OF A THOUSAND ONE DIRECTION FANGIRLS. Except I'm fangirling over a married 35 year old man. I think I might actually love him. And his brother, Hank Green.

 photo Cunctator1_zps78bd0026.jpg  photo Cunctator2_zps37dd5f08.jpg

THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER TO HAVE TOUCHED MY WALL BECAUSE JOHN GREEN TOUCHED THIS POSTER. It's a quote from his book, Looking For Alaska, that I am sure every teenager (and older) who has given their time to read will love forever.

So yes, exams. I will study. It's nearly 2am. I haven't studied. I'll be okay. I've calculated and I only need 3% in the finals to pass the exam that I have in 7 hours. I'll be okay. Nearly halfway through my exams. I'll be okay.

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