Saturday, 17 November 2012

Braza Churrascaria

We had dinner at Braza Churrascaria for Sarah's birthday. It's a Brazilian restaurant full of meaty food, which caused us to chew like cows for two hours. Eating actually got tiring after a while. It was kind of like an all you can eat place, but instead of bringing your plate up to grab whatever you want from the food stations, the waiters and waitresses come up to you with food on skewers! I don't know if anything is better than not getting out of your seat and having servings after servings magically appear on your plate until you wish you really were a cow with four stomachs to take it all in.

 photo BrazaChurrascaria1_zps9c1e2fb9.jpg  photo BrazaChurrascaria2_zpsd1ba4fcf.jpg

They also had live performances with Brazilian music, dancers and drummers, which livened up the place. Afterwards we were too full to have dessert so we just played at the playground then watched the fireworks by the harbourside.

 photo BrazaChurrascaria3_zps820f1462.jpg  photo BrazaChurrascaria4_zpsdb4ccca3.jpg

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