Monday, 26 November 2012


I delayed my need to pee because it'd be quite sad to spend the start of my 19th birthday on the toilet. It was just as sad though that I spent it on the internet.

Yeah, that wasn't necessary to write about, was it?

I thought it was very appropriate to watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower on my birthday with Andy as it could be symbolic of me growing up and it is a pretty special book to me. I think Logan Lerman was the perfect Charlie. All I wanted to do was befriend him throughout the movie. It was strange to see Emma Watson outside the role of Hermione, but that doesn't change her acting. I also love how Ezra Miller livened up the character Patrick. He holds a few of the most memorable lines for me. I am not one to swear, but since I am 19 now and have no other words for it, I'd say that the film adaption was fucking perfect.

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Celebrated Elaine and I's birthday at Nok Nok, which is a Thai restaurant, then at San Churro, where I am known to hold my record of eating seven and a half churros. I CANNOT DO IT ANYMORE. I am far too old for this. Then we sat by the harbour and talked about life. It was a nice night of catching up, stories, excessive hashtagging and diabetes.

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In other news, I AM GOING TO AMERICA NEXT JANUARY. You have no idea how excited I am because I've been aching to go back there.

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