Friday, 29 June 2012


I was so excited last night knowing that one semester of uni was about to be over. I started making terrible jokes about freedom and America and I don’t know what. I’m just so happy it’s finally over. It was one of the worst weeks ever. I contracted influenza a day before my first exam causing me to physically be unable to walk without wanting to throw up from muscle and joint pains. My fever got worse and that led to a chain of bad luck events, which would take forever to list all my other symptoms. Overall, I was left in a bad mood all week.

All I got out of this semester is which area of uni has good and bad wifi connection. Priorities.

I got ID-ed for the first time ever when I had end of exams dinner with half the group. I probably got more excited than I should have over it though.

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Thursday, 28 June 2012


Being Dora the Explorer roaming around the city. The world is suddenly a fascinating place when you have your camera with you. You kind of notice things that you wouldn’t normally pay attention to.

 photo Abercrombie1_zps3db6e9ac.jpg

Amy and I saw this on Tumblr and we got excited over it because things like this don’t exist around Sydney. So we decided to go after her last exam to find this Abercrombie Lane. When we got there, it was just a dodgy looking alleyway that greeted us with... nothing.

 photo Abercrombie2_zpsc235c9b3.jpg

We walked through it anyway and kept looking up as if we were expecting the tetris blocks to appear out of nowhere. Or maybe it was hidden like 12 Grimmauld Place from Harry Potter. I came home and researched it, and it turns out that it was taken down at the beginning of 2009.


This is where I’d imagine a modern city Rapunzel would be locked up in. Except she wouldn’t be worth saving because the tower is so small and you can so easily just jump out and only break an arm... or leg. Or fall into a coma and become the next sleeping beauty.

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Book Thief

While normal teenagers smuggle clothes and shoes home to hide from their parents, I smuggle books.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is the first book in a while that has affected me this much. This lady on the train kept staring at me while I was trying to contain myself from creating a dramatic scene and end up as a bawling heap of puddle on the filthy floor. I could feel my heart shatter and disintegrate into millions of pieces as if a bomb was thrown at me as well. The story was both tragic and beautiful.

This story is told in the point of view of Death during World War II in Germany. It's so clever and wonderfully written. It's about a girl living with her foster parents who are hiding a Jewish man in their basement. We see this girl bond with these people and her neighbours during that time and as the war escalates, there are more restrictions and dangers placed upon their lives. Having studied Nazi Germany during Modern History in high school really helped me understand the historical context.

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One of my friends (COUGH JASON COUGH) has been calling me an ass scratcher and trolling through my phone texting others about how my ass is itchy. I think I know where he got his idea from now. Earlier last week he told me he’s read the book as well and was going to ruin the ending for me. That saukerl. I’ve learnt a lot of German swear words thanks to this book.