Tuesday, 18 June 2013


I think one of the best moments in life is when the world is sound asleep, but you're wide awake with earphones in, and you're twirling and singing around your room because you're the only person who exists in that moment. Those few moments of bliss can make you feel more alive than ever. You don't need the rush of rollercoasters. You don't need the company of people. You just need those right songs. My current ones are:
▶ Resolution by Matt Corby
▶ Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear
▶ Lifesize by A Fine Frenzy

 photo Sanus1_zpsbfd0c5ce.jpg  photo Sanus2_zps986fce8a.jpg

It's 3am and I'm up neglecting my studies for tonight. As always, the exam period is making my mood fluctuate between depression, insanity and a complete high. Does anyone also think that it's acceptable to not wash your hair for days and rewear the same pyjamas over and over because you've literally been indoors the entire time, sitting on almost the exact same spot? Yeah, me too. I hope the people I've been snapchatting my pretending to cry face every night over first world problems (e.g. exams and endless studying) hasn't noticed or think it's okay too.

Counting down the days till my winter break. I just can't wait to do nothing and not have a social life for a while.

Saturday, 8 June 2013


END OF SECOND YEAR SEMESTER ONE WHAT UP. It still feels like I've only just started my second year. Time flies when you've done minimal work throughout the semester and realise how screwed you are for your final exams and have to reteach yourself 13 weeks of content for more than one subject.

There are so many situations where I laugh at how Vivienne and I have contrasting personalities. Tonight she was running in and out of her room like a tornado throwing things around and asking for opinions on what she should wear while I was just sitting there experimenting with her elegant electric keyboard (with one finger going tock-tock-tock like an elderly with a computer keyboard). Then 15 minutes later, she whisked me out of her room and threw four massive bags at me to carry for her, knocking over her modem in the process and letting out a "oh SHIT", then was somehow sitting at the back of her car in a minute. Can we get a hell yeah for making it on time to the station to meet up with everyone else?

We had dinner at Din Tai Fung for Vivienne's birthday, which I don't have anything good or bad to say about it besides that it is overrated. I think it is one of those places where you go three times, at maximum, in your life.

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Vivid Sydney is on again this year, but half the group wanted to go home because of the crowds. At least Elaine and I got something out of it by pretending to be a contemptuous lesbian couple on a date dodging crowds and the slow paced queue of walkers behind a family with a massive pram. How romantic, right?

 photo Volatilis2_zps4660b30a.jpg

I really am not bothered to study. At this rate, I’m going to win an Oscar for the best impersonation of a potato chip.