Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Clockwork Princess

I usually tear up over books, but I never actually cry page after page from pain and being deeply sad until I read Clockwork Princess, the very last book from its trilogy. All the comments I've seen so far commends the author for the beautiful ending, but I don't feel it. There was too much pain for the characters to get to where they are now.

 photo ClockworkPrincess_zpse4655630.jpg

I would normally have a little spazz over the characters and a brief storyline, but this book has caused me to experience depression for a week (and I think it'll go on for a while longer). The story revolving around Tessa, Will and Jem's world has finally come to an end, leaving me in the state of a heavy book hangover.

I know it seems insane to be so attached to fictional characters and to treat them like they're not just fragments of my imagination, but it's the lessons I've gotten out of them that makes me love them. They teach you about sacrifice. They teach you about loss. They teach you about nobility. They teach you about respect. They teach you about friendship. They teach you about kindness. They teach you about love.

Another one of the many quotes from books I live by?
"To respect the printed page and cherish the stories those pages held."

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Imagine Dragons

IMAGINE DRAGONS IS MY FAVOURITEST BAND, EVER. I could blast them on trains, while studying and in bed repeatedly for weeks without getting sick of them. They're that perfect band to me that makes me want to go out there and do something with my life and be a part of their band or have the lead singer's voice, even if it means I have to live the rest of my life with a guy's voice, just to belt out lyrics at every chance possible. (Or maybe not.)

 photo ImagineDragons_zpsfe455fad.jpg

Here is a list of my favourite songs by them:

▶ All Eyes
▶ Selene
▶ It's Time
▶ Amsterdam
▶ America
▶ Radioactive
▶ Demons

I was so sad that I was in San Francisco while they were performing at their hometown, Las Vegas. So close, but so far away. I wanted to so badly catch the next flight there. I'm glad that they're beginning to get more recognition, but at the same time, I get kind of possessive when something I consider special or cool becomes popular. They deserve it though. I once read someone's comment about Imagine Dragon that said, "They look like hobos." Then someone replied, "Only the best musicians are."

Saturday, 16 March 2013


Guys, hold onto the reins of your horses (or your power cord - whichever is readily available) because I have the most ridiculous news to tell. Okay, so you know how this is my second year of uni? I actually have been enjoying the past two weeks of it. UM WHAT WHO SAID THAT? The impossible has occurred. May this be written in the history books.

So in between slipping into deep comas during my lectures, I've been having a good balance between studying and a social life. I still need to work in decent hours of sleep (and maybe a job) into my invisible pie graph.

 photo Schola_zpse508f087.jpg

After an entire year of being accosted by Christians, I finally gave in and decided to see what a Catholic society was like since Teresa runs it, and it seemed like the good mannered thing to do by going. I walked into a room full of Catholics with a Buddhist charm around my neck then had a panic attack from awkwardness. The next two hours was just awkwardly pretending to be a social butterfly and fake laughing. And then I came home with the most relieving ranting session. (Although I don't think we've "purified" our souls after all that bitching.)

I also met the nicest bunch of people through a really hipster friend I've recently met. I barely knew any of them, but they were all so welcoming and being their mental selves rather than pretending to be normal.

"How would you describe your last poop using a movie title?"
"Fast and Furious."
"The Hulk."
"The Longest Yard."
"Blood Diamond."

So far, it looks like it's going to be a good semester. My future self is probably going to punch my present self in the face for saying this.