Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Clockwork Princess

I usually tear up over books, but I never actually cry page after page from pain and being deeply sad until I read Clockwork Princess, the very last book from its trilogy. All the comments I've seen so far commends the author for the beautiful ending, but I don't feel it. There was too much pain for the characters to get to where they are now.

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I would normally have a little spazz over the characters and a brief storyline, but this book has caused me to experience depression for a week (and I think it'll go on for a while longer). The story revolving around Tessa, Will and Jem's world has finally come to an end, leaving me in the state of a heavy book hangover.

I know it seems insane to be so attached to fictional characters and to treat them like they're not just fragments of my imagination, but it's the lessons I've gotten out of them that makes me love them. They teach you about sacrifice. They teach you about loss. They teach you about nobility. They teach you about respect. They teach you about friendship. They teach you about kindness. They teach you about love.

Another one of the many quotes from books I live by?
"To respect the printed page and cherish the stories those pages held."

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