Wednesday, 5 October 2011


My handwriting is a monster now because I haven't picked up a pen in so long and my brain has turned into mush. It could even be used as a cheap substitute for mashed potato and gravy now. And all I've lived off are sour cokes and chocolate freckles.

I’m spending my "break" living in the sunniest corner of my room and in libraries like every other good Year 12 student does during this time of year. It gets sort of intimidating how everyone looks so dead exhausted and has their nose in textbooks as if inhaling the thing can get them any smarter, which is why I prefer to hang out in the kids’ section where all the cool kids are. Being where all the high school students are just makes me panic that maybe I’m not doing enough because they all look so smart and studious. The little kids make me feel smart and productive while they say to each other things like “You’re Cambodian, why are you wearing an Australian t-shirt?” as what Fiona overheard.

 photo Discipulus1_zpsb301f062.jpg  photo Discipulus2_zps248446be.jpg

By the way, I went to Pancakes on The Rocks for dinner with my family then we went to Tumbalong Park to see the new water playground. Let's just say that they should have a "CAUTION: RUBBER GROUND IS SLIPPERY WHEN SANDY" sign.

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