Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I was tasked to take profile photos for my yearbook. I got to skip about 20 minutes of my classes before lunch to set the background up. I probably did the least work because of all the muck up photos I took, but at least it was fun! I didn't even notice the annoyed looks other yearbook committee members were giving me for getting distracted and not doing what was tasked.

WARNING: Before proceeding to scroll down, I must warn you of minor nudity and inappropriate behaviour. Make sure your parents aren't looking over your shower to avoid awkward questions.

 photo Gaudium_zps33f145f8.jpg

Instead of being departed with a "THANKS REBECCA WOW YOU REALLY CAPTURE ME INNER BEAUTY" I get "Can you photoshop out my pimples and eyebags?" and "OH GOD I HAVE A DOUBLE CHIN. RETAKE, RETAKE."

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