Wednesday, 21 September 2011


My last school picnic ever. Ever. It was kind of ridiculous because we spent three hours travelling there and back so only three hours were spent at the beach. It felt way too short. If only the location was closer then we could've spent more time attacking one another with buckets of water and sneakily lining up over and over for more seconds, thirds and forths of the sausage bbq.

 photo Amicitia1_zps6fc86cba.jpg

We may not be an incredibly close grade, but for the past year we did get more fond of each other compared to before when we did not bother socialising with anyone out of our cliques.

 photo Amicitia2_zps32c188c9.jpg

In case you haven't put on your English analytical hat yet, the photos down the right is supposed to say "Goodbye Class of 2011" and "You're screwed, Rebecca. Formal is tomorrow night and you've only bought your dress? Good job for unnecessarily procrastinating once again." I will honestly miss this bunch of people! CLASS OF 2011 ♥

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