Monday, 12 September 2011


This needs to be documented because it was the first time I did something adult-like: I WORE HEELS TO THE CITY.

Desiree drove Amy, Elaine Lim and I to the city to eat for Elaine Tran's birthday. Half the time I was paranoid in the car but how can I not be with Desiree screaming things out like, "OMG THE ROAD IS SO BUMPY." "WE SHOULD'VE WENT ON THE M5." "SHIT I CAN'T SEE. THE LIGHT IS IN MY EYES." "THE MIRRORS ARE REFLECTING LIGHT." "I'M TOO SCARED TO SWITCH LANES." That went on for most of the ride with the occasional, "Ohhh, the road's so smooth," and I almost expected her to start purring. We arrived there earlier than everyone else so we just sat outside McDonald's since that Japanese restaurant, Wagaya, was right across it.

We ordered food from this touch screen because waiters are so last century. I don't know what I ate half the time (maybe it's better that way), but everything was so nice!

 photo Infinitus1_zps2aa48581.jpg

We went karaoke afterwards and let's just say that I've seen enough hip thrusting for a while. How are my ears still working after being exposed to a hundred and fifty decibels?

 photo Infinitus2_zps0fd46219.jpg

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