Sunday, 25 December 2011

Long Live

Usually at the end of an era, declarations of love are made after years of expressing our friendship through physical and verbal abuse. I hope these messages will make up for everything!

The group: We appear to be an ordinary group of people but once you get to know us, I think we're all quite quirky in our own ways! You guys are the biggest bunch of nerds I have ever met. I wish I was half as smart as you all without any effort and manage to pull through the other end with high marks. I can also learn Asian languages off you guys more than any teacher could ever teach me. WATASHI WA MECCHA KAWAII DESU, DESHOU? WATASHI WA OTAKU KUREEJI OOKI BUTA. I will miss those conversations where you all dream big about how you want to be proposed and things your boyfriend or husband must do for you. It's always so funny, awkward or corny! Too much fan fiction and God knows what else you guys read ("ROMANCE NOVELS") and watch to get all those ideas. It's only been two years since I've started really integrating into the group (because I used to think half of you were snobs) so thank you for accepting me and being patient with me. I will miss every single moment we have during our recess and lunch breaks at the canteen bench area.

+ Amy, Desiree, Elaine, Elaine, Jellee, Jocelyn, Julie, Stephanie and Vivienne.

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Random group: I love how we all act like we've been best friends since forever when in reality, most of us only just got to know each other last year. We're all completely different people from completely different groups but we're all comfortable around each other and we have the funnest times together outside of school. But God, sometimes you guys can be so annoying! We argue way too much on where we should go or either we're completely lost and we keep changing plans till I'm fed up by the end and want to strangle some of you! But we always have fun regardless and I always end up feeling bad for wanting to strangle some of you in the first place. I forget my worries and dramas in my life when I'm with you guys and you're just the most wonderful group of people ever. That day on Moon Festival will always be the highlight of my high school life. Every time I go past the park next to PCYC, I always think of how it's "our place" and get all nostalgic and miss you all. You have no idea how much you guys mean to me. Thank you for making my senior years spontaneous, insane and memorable.

+ Andrew, Anna, Anne, Fiona, Danh, Irada, Jason, Peter, Tony, Wendy and Ye Na.


Twitter fambam: You are a bunch of lively (and cynical) birds who I'd tie a bow on and keep you in one of those pretty vintage cage if I could in a non creepy way. We spazz about everything and anything and none of us would understand what the other is saying but that's okay, WE LUV DAT SPAM. We're also known as the classy bitches and I feel pretty proud of that even though I probably shouldn't be. I mean, if we're going to be a bitch, the least we can do is be smart about it unlike other people. And I love how whenever we talk about someone, we just refer to a letter and we all instantly know which "W" it is. And you probably know which "W" I'm referring to as an example now. I miss those nights where we stay up to have dnm convos, freely talk about nearly anything and I'd just come derping along and ruin the moment with a very random tweet in an attempt to contribute. Although we're restricted now because of the other tweeters, at least we still have our other nest that doesn't restrict us to a 140 character limit!

+ Amy, Desiree, Jellee, Jenna and Stephanie.

There's also a few other individuals (Anna, Andy, Annie, Christine, David, Jenny, Judy, Leanne, Physics gang and Vivian) who deserve a mention because they've made a difference in my life one way or another.


I don't care what people say about everyone drifting after uni starts, I am determined to keep my friendship with you after high school. I wish I could have all the time in the world or put a pause on life to make more memories and laughs but time is racing against us and we have to keep up. I will miss each and every one of you and I hope we will still make the effort to meet up once in a while! Even if you call just to go jumping in the biggest puddle ever in the entrance of E block, I'll be there.

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