Monday, 12 December 2011


Yes! Someone else who does not want to embrace the thought of coming of age! I said I'd go on an adventure to find the Fountain of Youth for Christine after she kept exclaiming GIVE ME MY YOUTH BACK since it's her birthday. Out of curiosity, I googled it and lo and behold! THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH ACTUALLY EXISTS! Well, in legends it does anyway. For a moment I thought I was a genius for making something up that sounds so exciting, sigh. So now I have two goals for when I go Florida one day:
  1. Go Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  2. Find the Fountain of Youth then throw myself in it.

I went back to school today to help add the finishing touches to our yearbooks. I was actually really excited to go school because of my imagination. Since half the yearbook committee does either absolutely nothing or nearly nothing, I thought it'd be okay to bring a cane to school. For the few people who actually does something, we'd sit back and watch the others manually do the labour intensive work of gluing the CD sleeves into 170 books. If we catch any of them slacking off, BAM. I'll remind you that this is how I saw it in my head so it was very exciting for me. So of course I was kind of disappointed when I had to help too. We got it all done faster than expected at least! I think the yearbook looks amazing and I just hope the grade does too!

 photo Expletus1_zps3b2113e0.jpg

I like how our school decides to have Christmas spirit AFTER we've finish school, even if it's a neglected looking tree with tinsel that looks like it's been halfheartedly thrown on.

 photo Expletus2_zps75e3286c.jpg

I also finally officially signed out of school. Mission accomplished! The last time I tried to sign out, it was Let's-Stay-A-Fifty-Metres-Radius-Away-From-Rebecca Day so I could not find half my teachers to return my textbooks to. That day was also Let's-Watch-Rebecca-Feebly-Struggle-Against-A-Tree Day. I honestly will never forget my experience of getting tangled in a tree. Then the day after my mum and I walked passed that exact same tree and she commented on how pretty the flowers looked in that tree. LOOKS ARE DECEIVING.

Amy, Annie, David, Peter and I went to McDonald's to eat afterwards as a way to "celebrate" the end of our yearbook-ing days. What can be more celebratory than a Happy Meal? I spent more time than I should have trying to solve puzzles on the damn box. In my defence, I still haven't slept yet because I unnecessarily had another all nighter. I had a really nice time catching up with them all!

I've officially finished the yearbook. I've officially signed out. So I'm officially free. DOBBY IS A FREE ELF!

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