Wednesday, 27 February 2013


The buzz of O-week with all the little hipster first years swarming the main uni campus is my first sign back to reality. I don't exactly feel happy to be back. My withdrawal symptoms always leaves me feeling like I've lost myself in a different city. Adjusting to somewhere I've lived for nineteen years compared to somewhere I've been in for one month makes me wonder whether I am destined to leave this city. WHY ISN'T MY LIFE A MOVIE WHERE I COULD JUST DITCH EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE BEHIND AND START AFRESH?

You can tell I haven't been adjusting very well...

  • "OH GOD. OH GOD. WE'RE GOING TO CRASH." — Me in cars and trains every time I realise we're on the left side of the road/track whenever I see a car/train coming at me from the opposite direction.
  • "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WALKING UP AN ESCALATOR WHEN IT GOES DOWN?" — Me giving strangers confused looks and almost going down the wrong escalator.
  • "HAH YOU'RE ONLY GETTING A DOLLAR FOR NOT SUCKING UP TO US." — Me wondering how much to tip a waiter then remembering that Australians don't tip so they don't need to say anything at all besides, "Are you ready to order?"
  • "SINCE WHEN WERE COINS MADE OF NIBBLER'S DUNG?" — Me dead lifting Australian coins out of my wallet after a month of using tiny and thin coins.

I went to see the group after an absence of them for six weeks. It was also the first time in a year or so that the dozen of us were all there together. It was a good night in of insulting people on TV and playing Pictionary.

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