Sunday, 10 February 2013

Surf City

One of the most effective ways to ignite the cussing side of me? Fucking amusement parks. I lost my voice from all the swearing and screaming I've done. I am the worst at dealing with heart dropping rides, but when in Rome America, do as the Romans Americans do.

We headed south from San Francisco on a road trip to Santa Cruz, where California's oldest amusement part, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, is located. It was interesting to see the architecture of houses change during the 1 hour and 40 minutes car ride. Even the trees looked different. There is no other way to describe it, but I couldn't get over how American everything looked.

 photo SurfCity1_zps26633c32.jpg  photo SurfCity2_zps992fbd0c.jpg

I've never been to a seaside amusement park before. It made me think of American teen films. From the design of the rides down to the food they sold, it was just so American. For one of the rides, the lap bars were too wide for me so for 5 minutes of the ride, I felt like I was being thrown off from 10 metres above the ground every time it violently jerked. The whole time I was yelling, "I WANT TO BE FAT," till my voice was hoarse. Obesity in America affects the average sized too.

 photo SurfCity3_zps9f1d9080.jpg  photo SurfCity4_zpsabadd617.jpg

I couldn't believe how laid back and casual my uncle was on every single ride. After every extreme ride, he would comment on how it felt like nothing and shrug while Vivian and I would yell and blame each other for forcing ourselves on those rides. Garland was cheering after every ride and my aunty laughed hysterically till it looked like she was getting teary after her first mini roller coaster.

 photo SurfCity5_zpsc2204a16.jpg

On the car ride home:
Vivian: Ow, I got my hair caught in the seat belt.
Garland: Oh no, poor Vivern.
Rebecca: At least it didn't get caught in an engine of a ride and get black greasy oil on it.

Garland: I can't wait to go home and have a soda then watch anime.
Vivian: I can't wait to nap.
Rebecca: I can't wait to shower my hair.

[Neville Longbottom's voice] Why is it always me?

I can't believe I'm going home so soon. I don't wish to have photographic memory to have an advantage in exams, I want it to remember these moments, places and people in front of my eyes, frozen in this moment.

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