Sunday, 26 February 2012


Our picnic was a day of "unforeseen situations" and improvisations but it all turned out okay because Vivienne slept in. Everything we forgot and needed was in her house. Our usual place at Bicentennial Park was taken so we had to be nomads in the sun searching for another BBQ facility. It ended up being a successful day though!

 photo Improviso1_zpsa8700f22.jpg

My to do list is now almost fulfilled:
✓ Fly a kite
❏ Kick an ibis
✓ Attempt tandem biking
✓ Get Ls for biking
✓ Break a bike
✓ Interrogate Jocelyn about her love life
✓ Make concoctions in the boot of a car
✓ Human tetris seven people in a five seat car
✓ Skeletal tan

 photo Improviso2_zpsa5d92873.jpg

I have concluded that there is such thing as too long of a holiday. I need education. Grass is growing where my brain's supposed to be. (What brain?) I want to sponge up as much knowledge as I can at uni so I'll make the most out of the next few years. Or take me back to high school to be reeducated is okay too.

I can feel post HSC coming to an end. Pre uni is starting to hit me instead.

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