Saturday, 28 January 2012


Glebe Round II wasn't as much as a failure as Round I but it wasn't much of a success either. We earned just enough profit to pay back for the stall hire.

Secretly I did not sleep at all because of the tea I drank before I slept and I didn't tell the others because I knew they'd lecture me and question my logic. I swear I thought I was immune to caffeine. I guess that's deteriorating along with my brain from lack of use. My eyes were wide opened as if I was indirectly attacked by a basilisk.

 photo Peregrinus1_zpsc4cddd64.jpg  photo Peregrinus2_zpsc94db290.jpg

It was my first time setting foot on Glebe (previous time with me occupying the car the whole time while the others dealt with the never ending rain trying to reschedule it to another day with a stubborn "Assistant Waggle Fingers" refusing to allow anyone to). The place makes me feel like I've entered a hippie and gypsy den with a quarter of the stalls selling strange incense, jewellery and a tarot card reader.

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Later, Elaine, Jocelyn and Vivienne joined us at Strathfield to eat Korean BBQ with unlimited meat. Nothing could get better than that except unlimited meat that guarantees constipation along with it. We made up code numbers to tweet to let each other know when we're home if we experience one of the following:
6 - on the toilet
8 - infinite diarrhoea
9 - constipation

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Turns out that Vivienne isn't having when of her dopey moments we make fun of when she said, "I DON'T WANT TO EAT ANYMORE. I DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR SICKNESS." I came home to see a flock of "999999" on Twitter. (DID YOU GUYS GET MY UNINTENTIONAL PUN? FLOCK? TWITTER? BIRDS? SPAM? ANYONE?!)

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