Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hunter Valley

A two day road trip with my family to Hunter Valley to end the s#!ttest (synonym: poopiest) year of my life by far, 2013. Even though there's not much to do there because the area mostly attracts avid wine drinkers with its extensive vineyards and wineries, we all had heaps of fun just knowing that we were 3 hours away from Sydney, and a change in scenery is always exciting.

 photo HunterValley1_zps037d3470.jpg  photo HunterValley2_zpsb72bded8.jpg

We didn't do any wine tasting, but did a whole lot of fast food eating. Actually, we kind of spent our time there doing elderly things like strolling through gardens and playing putt putt by the lake. I made dad stop driving every few metres because the view here is so picturesque. The good thing is that there are hardly any cars around so we could stop in the middle of the road and I'd stick my head out the window like a dog then take photos.

 photo HunterValley3_zps1cf3628a.jpg  photo HunterValley4_zps81c8d2d5.jpg

An attraction there are the Hunter Valley Gardens during Christmas. Each garden had a theme and at night, there would be Christmas lights and a whole lot of festive music. The whole area felt like there were singing gnomes hidden in the hedges. (Also got told off because there was this blocked off entrance to one of the gardens and there were elephant lights basically greeting me at the gates and I really wanted to see what was in there and a worker caught me after taking two steps. At least we know somebody's not sleeping on the job.)

 photo HunterValley5_zps5131ae35.jpg  photo HunterValley6_zpsbc9f102e.jpg  photo HunterValley7_zpsf6d533fd.jpg

Stayed at a motel for the night and watched weird things on TV (like how this guy was addicted to eating glass...), had instant noodles and fought for the single beds - The typical stuff. On our second day, we did a bit of chocolate and confectionary browsing at a few stores that looked like little barns and cottages.

 photo HunterValley8_zps656a1579.jpg  photo HunterValley9_zps3fdf6359.jpg  photo HunterValley10_zps4d043e36.jpg  photo HunterValley11_zpsc4f2c777.jpg

We stopped by The Entrance on our way home and went to the beach. The water is really shallow so it looks like there are small islands where people can also go fishing. There is also a fair nearby where I painted a ceramic dragon and ate a lot of cinnamon doughnuts.

 photo HunterValley12_zpsfc4e11f6.jpg  photo HunterValley13_zpsd69f8034.jpg

Look at the amount of power that lady has. Look at how hypnotised the pelicans are. If you have one fish in your hand, you can control an entire population of pelicans. It's almost abnormal to see how behaved they look, until the fish is thrown into the air and they all become chaotic animals again.

 photo HunterValley14_zps34d7244e.jpg

In summary, a successful road trip because no one got sunburnt in 30°C+ weather! *raises glass full of sunscreen*


  1. Those pelicans! Lol. These pictures are gorgeous btw!

    1. I'm glad you think so, thank you!

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  8. What an awesome travel post! I truly enjoyed it and had some good giggles!
    Pity you didn't get to go wine tasting as it looked so beautiful (wine tasting is my absolute favorite!) .. a man addicted to eating glass?!? Wow... hectic!! haha sounds like a very enjoyable trip - wish I had been able to not get sunburnt. I'm in PAIN right now hahahaha

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