Sunday, 1 December 2013

Humans Of New York

I am usually the type to stand in front of my chosen scene then wait for everyone to walk out of the range of my shot no matter how long it takes to get the "perfect" photo with minimal people in it. Or sometimes I would go to the extent of editing stray people out of my photos because I think they "ruin" my shots.

Brandon Stanton is my favourite people photographer because he makes me want to take photos of complete strangers, ask about their life stories and hang onto every word they say.

 photo HumansOfNewYork1_zps272211f2.jpg

Humans of New York is a compilation of Brandon Stanton's photos made into a book. He basically goes around taking photos of people on the streets of New York then asks them a simple question or strikes up a casual conversation then captions his photos with quotes from these ordinary people. He then posts his pictures daily on his Tumblr and Facebook that I read everyday like a morning paper (except I don't read morning papers). We get a little window into these strangers' lives and I really like how real it feels.

 photo HumansOfNewYork2_zps42b5baea.jpg

I think my favourite thing about Humans of New York is that it shows everyone has a story and they're not just another mundane person living their mundane life doing mundane things. (My overuse of the word 'mundane' made that sentence sound mundane towards the end. But you get my point?)


  1. I also read his tumblr/fb like a morning paper. It feels intrusive but almost addictive to hear these different strangers stories and why they live in the big city. loving your blog gal. followed via GFC xxxxx

    1. Doesn't it just inspire you to move to New York or start photographing people in your own city?!

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  3. Looks like its a very imaginational book!

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