Friday, 7 December 2012


If I ever fail university or life in general, I am going to be a zoo keeper. Even if it means I'm scooping poop all day while squawking and hooting at birds in an attempt to communicate with my equals. Featherdale Wildlife Park is the closest Australian animal experience you can get in Sydney and is definitely worth the visit.

 photo Featherdale1_zpsb56651b3.jpg

I upgraded to an iPhone 5 recently so I haven't a case for it yet. Instead, I use a sandwich bag to cushion the fall in case I drop my phone. I was laughed at the entire day but whatever, safety always makes people look ridiculous. Life jackets make you look fat. Safety goggles make you look dorky. Helmets make you look like you have a tumour. Anyway, the point of this is that a goat tried to eat my phone. JUST BECAUSE MY PHONE WAS IN A SANDWICH BAG, IT DOES NOT MAKE IT A SANDWICH.

 photo Featherdale2_zps776fe2d0.jpg

We crashed Elaine's place after and ate all her food, watched movies and took endless photos of our distorted faces on Photo Booth. Perfect way to end the day.

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